The most accessible professional-level cable camera system in the market. Easy to set-up, easy to carry, easy to operate, easy to acquire.
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For filmmakers
From filmmakers
After many years of personal filming experience, we’ve identified the most aggravating offenders. Subsequently, we invested countless engineering hours, and dollars into R&D to come up with a product that alleviates all of the most common filmmaker frustrations. Not just that, through software updates, we’ve made it incredibly future-proof.
Goes anywhere
with you
Our patent-pending advanced folding system coupled with a super light-weight construction and internal direct-drive motor system, allow it to be taken, and operated, anywhere by a single person. Everywhere means everywhere, including protection against the elements.
Super Intelligent Central Unit
Through an alternate electrical management system, the central unit manages the balance between torque and speed to a minute level of demand and precision. Not just that, but every single element of control can be fine-tuned based on what you want: acceleration, braking, et al, can be modified based on the event covered. It’s got the engineering power of a top-of-the-line Tesla car.
Cutting-edge smart power system
An intricate, miniature power eco-system that directly communicates with the central unit. It has the ability to daisy-chain individual smart battery cells, creating a power network that can potentially last up to 12 hours. All of it hot-swappable, so the system, including all the accessories plugged onto it, is being powered by the unit uninterrupted.
Launching soon
Have no fear, we are launching on 1st of September 2020.
We just have to polish some last details and we'll be ready to go!

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